Get an Instant Offer for Your Property

Are you looking to sell your home but you are tired of the sale hassle? Rental Property Redefined makes it easy for you!

We can provide you with multiple offers for your home, from cash offers to seller financing options. Fast, reliable, and stress-free!

We Eliminate The Headache of Being A Landlord

Are you tired of dealing with tenants and property managers? Are you looking to regain your free time and peace of mind while earning a consistent rental income month after month, or simply you don’t want to be a landlord anymore?

At Rental Property Redefined, we offer understand your needs as a landlord. We offer long-term leasing and selling solutions for your rental that aim to spare you of all landlord hassle and bring back your financial security and free time.

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Lease Your Property to Us

Obtain up to 90% of the rental market value of your property with a longer term lease.

  • No management and maintenance costs.
  • Stress-free property ownership.
  • Retain the property and sell it when it’s most profitable. 
  • More free time and peace of mind.

Sell Your Property to Us

Some rental properties are simply not profitable, no matter how much you try, and you can obtain a better profit by simply selling your property and reinvesting. We can buy your property.

  • Guaranteed fair offer on your property.
  • Flexible terms and conditions.
  • Receive the payment how you want it, cash down or in instalments.
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Find Out how Much Your Rental Can Produce per Month with Zero Liability on Your End

Do you want a steady, consistent monthly income without the hassle of managing your rental property by yourself or huge maintenance and repair expenses? Use the Rental Property Redefined Investment Calculator to find out how much your rental can produce per month when you sign a master leasing agreement.

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Why Rental Property Redefined?

The Rental Property Redefined team has the expertise to build and manage rental portfolios from A to Z. As landlords and rental investors ourselves, we know the ins and outs of building and managing a rental investment portfolio. As professional property managers, we are aware of all steps involved in successfully managing a rental property, whether on the short or long run.

10+ Yrs Experience in Rental Management

We have a seasoned team of professional property managers who founded and own several property management companies.

15+ Yrs Experience as Rental Investors

We own rental portfolios as well and have vast experience in managing profitable rental businesses.

Real Estate Investing Expertise

For 10 years, we advise our landlord clients on best avenues to maximize ROI, whether through expanding rental portfolios, selling, or other strategies.

Short-Term Rental Expertise

We are experienced in purchasing, refurbishing, and managing short term rentals either as part of our portfolio, or that of our landlord clients.

What Our Clients Think

“Five stars all the way. They helped me get an offer accepted on a home in a competitive market and, are always there to consult me with my real estate investment decisions.”​

Jessica Berube

“Danny is the ultimate professional. He took time from his busy day to help me understand my questions about leasing and other property management and investing techniques. Highly recommend Danny and his company.”​

Kevin Jones

“We have purchased two houses and sold one house with Mr. Tringali and he has gone above and beyond our expectations.  His staff is very helpful and communicates well.  I highly recommend his services.”​

Chris Clark

Let’s make your rental portfolio a profitable investment!

Maximize your rental profits and regain your free time and peace of mind.