Sell Your Rental

Maximize cash flow by selling your rental to Rental Property Redefined.

As a landlord, you need to walk a fine line between maintaining a profitable rental business and caring for your tenants. If you need more cashflow for your next rental investment, you decide you do not want the burden of being a landlord, or you simply want to start a new project and need capital, Rental Property Redefined can buy the property from you for the best possible price and under your terms and conditions.

Rental Property Redefined Offers

Cash Down Offers

Cash offers can be very advantageous if you are in a situation in which you need to pay off debt, or you have another opportunity just lined up and time is of essence. We offer fair cash offers for your property within the industry standards.

Full-Price Offers

Most landlords don’t need the cash down, but the security of the recurrent income that a rental property produces. Rental Property Redefined can acquire your property at the price of the market and pay you a fixed monthly instalment instead, so that you receive the monthly recurrent income that you have always wanted.

Offers Above the Market Value

Yes, you’ve heard it right. We can acquire the property for up to 30% more than its market value as long as we negotiate fixed monthly instalments to pay you.

How It Works

Rental Property Redefined is able to make cash-down, full-price, or above market offers on your property because of a unique combination of selling terms and conditions, and how we handle the property after the sale is complete:

We are able to pay up to 30% more than the market value as long as we set longer payment terms and smaller monthly instalments.

In addition to the above, we transform your property in a modern and successful short-term rental business, which enables us to drive sufficient revenue in order to pay you a fair price on your property, or even a price that is above the market value.

Let’s make your rental portfolio a profitable investment

Maximize your rental profits and while regaining your free time and peace of mind with our solutions.