Long-Term Leasing for Your Rental

Gain consistent rental income month after month.

Avoid Inconsistent Rental Income and Lost Time

Did you know that you’re not guaranteed to receive a constant rental income when you opt in for traditional property management ? In order to keep the property profitable you will still regularly invest money in renovation, repair, and maintenance, and even pay lawn-care and utility bills in some cases. The property will not produce income as long as it is vacant, or when tenants do not pay rent and are evicted. Vacancies, repairs, maintenance, or a non-cooperative tenant can become a real threat to your financial security, particularly when you are dependent on that rental income.

To add to these financial risks, you will also need to dedicate time to stay in touch with your property manager about management decisions taken on your behalf. For some of our clients, time is what matters most. Many property owners may simply do not have the time or are not interested in staying in contact with property managers about the many issues that arise in the administration of rental properties.

Your Long-Term Leasing Benefits

Consistent Monthly Rent

Whether tenants pay or not, the property is rented out or vacant, or whether it needs extensive repairs and maintenance, we pay for everything.

Zero Hassle

You never have to deal with administrative and legal work related to your property. We take care of everything from tenants to repairs and maintenance.

Profitable Rental

Your property continues to be profitable while you wait to sell when the market conditions are favorable.

Tax Benefits

You may deduct a variable percentage of passive losses against other types of income when paying your rental property income tax.

Reduced Liability

As opposed to a traditional property management agreement, there is a lesser chance that you are held liable for our actions.

Protected Property

We deal with tenants, and carefully maintain and repair the property so that it is in perfect condition at all times.

How It Works

In a Long-term Lease Agreement, instead of becoming your property managers, we become your tenants. You give us control over the property and the right to sublease it and derive profit from the sublease. As tenants, we will pay the rent, utilities, and take care of all expenses related to maintenance and repair which means that we also take on the risks of vacancy, tenants defaulting on rent, and evictions. In short, you are guaranteed to receive your monthly rent no matter what happens on our end!

You receive up to 90% of the current rental value no matter what, month after month. Interested in checking how much you would earn? Use our Rental Investor Calculator!

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Find Out How Much Your Rental Can Produce per Month with Zero Liability on Your End

Do you want a steady, consistent monthly income without the hassle of managing your rental property by yourself or huge maintenance and repair expenses? Use the Rental Property Redefined Investment Calculator to find out how much your rental can produce per month even when you’re not involved at all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will pay for maintenance and repairs?

In a typical agreement we will cover repair and maintenance except capital improvements, such as roof, HVAC, siding, windows, and foundation repairs. However, the lease can be customized to cover your maintenance and repair needs.

Can I customize the Lease Agreement?

The lease agreement is drafted to suit your needs, and each clause can be customized.

How long does the Agreement last?

A Master Lease Agreement is typically signed for a much longer period than a traditional property management lease, – usually from a few years to as long as 20 years.

What rental income should I expect?

Depending on the lease agreement terms, anywhere between 50% and 90% of the rental value on the market.

Let’s make your rental portfolio a profitable investment

Maximize your rental profits and while regaining your free time and peace of mind with our solutions